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Principal Research Engineer, Emeritus
Adjunct Associate Professor, (Ret)
President, Millennial Vision, LLC

Employment History

Millennial Vision, LLC
2004 - Present
Georgia Institute of Technology
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated Product Team Leader
Technical Area Manager, Battlefield Robotics & Unmanned Systems
Branch Head, Instrumentation Technology Branch,
              Radar & Instrumentation Laboratory
Principal Research Engineer, Emeritus
Principal Research Engineer
Senior Research Engineer
Research Engineer II
Research Engineer I
Graduate Research Assistant

1995 - 2004
1990 - 2004
1985 - 1990

2004 - Eternity
1992 - 2004
1981 - 1992
1977 - 1981
1975 - 1977
1973 - 1974
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Research Engineer
1971 - 1973


Georgia Institute of Technology (M.S.E.E. 1974)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (B.S.E.E. 1973)
1969 - 1973
1974 - 1975

Experience Summary

Currently consulting through Millennial Vision, LLC in the area unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with emphasis on biologically inspired micro and nano air vehicles (MAV/NAV), while also working in the areas of stratospheric and high altitude tropospheric unmanned airships, and remote sensing. Was member of the International Organizing Committee and official rules author for the 1st US-Asian Demonstration and Assessment of Micro Aerial Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology (MAV-08) as adjunct to the U.S. Army RDECOM-Pacific and Indian Ministry of Defence. Performed a similar role during the 1st US-European MAV event (MAV-06). Has been Director and Principal Investigator (PI) for over 30 major projects during career at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Was GTRI Director for stratospheric airship programs and the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts project to develop an autonomous Mars surveyor for flight in the lower atmosphere of Mars. Was also Director of the DARPA Mesomachine effort to develop an “Entomopter” (mechanical insect-like multimode aerial robot). Was Director for the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Surveillance Drone project. Directed various efforts pertaining to future transportation, especially near term electric vehicles and futuristic designs. Performed verification and validation analyses of man-in-the-loop virtual reality simulators for STRICOM. Directed a DARPA program to show feasibility of a non-line-of-sight radio-acoustic sensor for bending radar signals using the Bragg principle to detect obstacle-masked targets. Directed project to develop the avionics suite for an Air Force Robotic Air-to-Air Combat vehicle. Directed project to specify dual-mode IR/MMW seeker parameters for a lethal unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system. Responsible for generating remote flight control system specifications for Soviet “HAVOC” and “HOKUM” gunship drone simulators for the U.S. Army. Directed task to develop a rotary winged UAV digital stability augmentation system for MICOM. Directed project to evaluate ground penetration radar for detection of buried natural gas leaks in urban utility systems. Managed construction of a 95 and 35 GHz multimode millimeter wave instrumentation radar system to provide calibrated characterization of high interest military targets. Directed programs to develop a Ka-band Linear ECM Source (KABLES) for the Army, and to develop a Sonar Scan Converter for the Navy. Directed program to create a Coherent Repeater to test foreign threat assets. Directed Army Indirect Fire Simulation effort conducted for Combat Development and Experimentation Command. Directed task to build a transponder for flight test against Army threat simulators. Directed NASA’s Sirenian Tracking Project, which involved remote electronic sensing of location and tracking of the aquatic mammal Trichechus manatus. Chief designer of the target processing unit for the Army’s Environment and Radar Operation Simulator (EROS). (see selected project descriptions at: http://angel-strike.com/wiki/index.php?title=R._C._Michelson_Research )

Michelson has been NATO/RTA lecturer at the Turkish Air Force Academy (Hava Harp Okulu) in Istanbul (’06), and invited lecturer on Micro Air Vehicle technology at both the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (’99 & ’03) and the Royal Military Academy (’01) in Brussels. Mitre Technology Speaker (’98). Adjunct Associate Professor to the School of Aerospace Engineering teaching classes in avionics for UAVs and Micro/Mini Air Vehicle (MAV) Design. Visiting technology professor in six nations: Australia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, and Turkey.

Most recently Michelson has been the U.S. representative to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China's UAV Grand Prix during its inaugural year (2011) and again in 2013. He was the section editor for "MAVs and Bio-Inspired UAVs" in Springer's Handbook of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (released in 2014). He was the consultant to the U.S. Army and the Indian Ministry of Defence, responsible for defining and organizing the 1st U.S.-Asian Micro Air Vehicle Demonstration in Agra India ('08). Performed similar duties for the U.S. Army in defining the 1st US-European Micro Air Vehicle Competition/Demonstration in Garmisch Germany (‘05). He created the short course, “21st Century Aerial Robotics” and the digital signal processing lec­ture/demonstrations in “Principals of Modern Radar”. He is also creator and organizer of the annual International Aerial Robotics Competitions which is now in its 21st year. Prior to joining GTRI staff, participated in design and endo-atmospheric flight testing of computer-controlled space-based radar ocean surveillance systems while employed by the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

Positions of Leadership and Special Recognition

Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Presently Editor for Robotics Systems, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems. Full Member of the Scientific Research Society of North America, Sigma Xi, past President and member of the Board of Directors of AUVS International organization, has been appointed by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (1993) to represent the United States on the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) AAS-36 panel considering “Future Use of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems in the Maritime Environment.” In 1998 Michelson received the Pioneer Award which is the highest level of recognition within the unmanned systems industry for technical contributions to advance the state-of-the-art and move the community forward into the new millennium. Michelson is the recipient of the “2001 Pirelli Award for the diffusion of scientific culture” given by an international Jury for the “best multimedia project coming from any educational institution in the world.” For endeavors related to the Entomopter, he was also awarded the first €25,000 Top Pirelli Prize for the work deemed best from an international field of over 1000 considered. Michelson is listed in various editions of Who’s Who in Engineering, Who’s Who in America, and the 23rd edition of Who’s Who in the World. In 2016, the International Aerial Robotics Competition and its creator, Michelson, were officially recognized during the Georgia legislative session in the form of "Senate Resolution 1255" which recognized it as the longest running aerial robotics competition in the world and for having been responsible for moving forward the state of the art in aerial robotics on several occasions during the past quarter century (see: Senate Resolution 1255)

Current Fields of Interest

Biologically-inspired robotics; unmanned aerial vehicles; autonomous systems; transportation systems; digital/hybrid computer design; machine vision; special purpose digital machines; process control; physical security/contraband interdiction/anti-terrorism.


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Major Reports and Publications

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Interests and Hobbies

o Marine Aquaria (currently maintaining 200 gallon system)
o Scuba Diving (NAUI certified)
o HAM Radio (FCC Amateur Extra class licensed, N4ATE)
o Language Study (English - fluent/native, Español - basic, Türkçe - basic)
o Built and Flown Experimentally-Rated Gyrocopter [details] [movie]
o Archeology (esp. Biblical), Paleontology, and Catastrophist Hypotheses (also, for example this and this).
o Robotics and Machine Intelligence (esp. fully autonomous systems)
o Ornithology
o Botany
o Built my own home (currently for sale - see http://house.angel-strike.com/homebrochure/YourNewHome.pdf )
o Sons: Christian (AI4XY) and Stuart (KG4ZIR)
o Interesting Natural Phenomena (incl. tornados, E-field interactions, planetary "coincidences" violating theories of "chaos")
o The International Aerial Robotics Competition which I created in 1991...


Robert Michelson
Principal Research Engineer, Emeritus
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS-CCRF)
7220 Richardson Road
Smyrna, Georgia 30080 U.S.A.

President - Millennial Vision, LLC
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